Price List

Individual Orders

blank- not personalized, $14.50 ea, includes postage

Individual Personalized Orders*

with name, rank, etc., $28.75 ea, includes postage.

*We maintain a database of our past orders which may include commissioning dates, crossing dates/points, Commanding Officers’ names, etc.; for certificates you are looking to replace. If you are unsure of specific details, drop us an email at and give us the name of the ship and the approximate dates. We will check our records to see if we have your information. You may also want to check the website This website has an amazing amount of information on ships past and present.


All certificates produced and printed by Tiffany Inc., DBA Tiffany Publishing Company are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission.

name, ship, date, point
Personalized II
name with
rate/rank, ship,
date, point
1-50*$7.75 ea$8.25 ea$8.75 ea
51-100$7.45 ea$7.95 ea$8.45 ea
101-150$7.05 ea$7.55 ea$8.05 ea
151-200$6.65 ea$7.15 ea$7.65 ea
201-1000$6.25 ea$6.75 ea$7.25 ea
1001-up$6.20 ea$6.70 ea$7.20 ea

Prices above include:

The 15.5 x 21 inch full color certificate (blank or personalized), gold seal – left blank for imprint with ship/command seal – and Red, White and Blue Ribbon Lettering charge for names or personalized orders, includes first name, middle initial and last name. Middle names and nicknames are not ordinarily used. Please submit typewritten/computer generated, etc. lists. We cannot be responsible for misspelling of names on hand written lists.Wallet cards are included with all certificates except decommissioning Plank Owner, Red Nose, Great Lake, and Crew Member certificates.

The Shellback unit also comes with a subpoena, if desired.

One “straggler” list of names accepted on each order at original quantity price. Subsequent additions will be treated as a new order and priced accordingly.

Extra cost items:

  • For personalized orders under 50 certificates, please assess $12.50 set-up for minimum order.
  • Add .50/per certificate (any quantity) to add USN, USNR, etc. after name.
  • Add $25.00 (one time flat fee) for Commanding Officer’s signature printed on personalized orders. A signature in black ink on white paper is required. We cannot guarantee signature quality when a FAXed copy is used. Original/hard copy produces best results.
  • “Page 13” Service Record entries for Shellback, Blue Nose, and Suez are .10/each in any quantity.