Customer Comments

  • From Carl Breithaupt

    I don’t know what your association is with the family who runs Tiffany publishing, but if you ever have the opportunity to give them any feedback, please tell them, a former US Navy sailor told you that this crossing certificate means more to me than ANY college degree I have framed on the wall. Crossing ceremonies go back before the US Navy, before Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, before the Vikings and Romans. Ship crews have been holding crossing ceremonies for thousands of years. Having this certificate on the wall reminds me that I am a part of something VERY OLD WORLD as seafarer’s go.

    The ceremony itself outside of the camaraderie of combat binds the sailor with everyone onboard. ln the US Navy, at least when I was in, everyone from Seamen to Fleet Admiral had to transcend from Polliwog to Shellback. The unique structure and tradition of this ceremony throws away everything that is military and bonds the men at sea. After I went though this 2 day affair (the ceremony is actually 2-6 hours) that you see the crew preparing months for, you unlike anything you went through, feel the brotherhood and equal, you REALLY feel you belong in everyone’s eyes. At least that was my experience and what ALL sailors I know hold as a very special event.

    I just wanted to personally thank your business for the tradition and excellence you have maintained and grown for the decades you’ve passed on these keepsakes that has so much to do with the history of the SOUL of sailors together at sea.

    God bless every one of you for what you do.

    Carl Breithaupt

  • From Tom Perri

    I want to let you know that I have never come across a company that has so much style, charm, wit, & personality in my career working with the public, as I have with your staff Anne. Amber sounds like someone who is in your corner when it comes to everyday ops.

  • From Michael Jarolim

    I am pleased to inform you that I received the Shellback certificate that I ordered from your Company, and am EXTREMELy pleased with the exquisite detailing and professional look and feel of the document! Suffice to say that this item has brought back many fond memories of my time spent aboard the USS Tulare and it will be prominently displayed in our home with my other military items. Thanks much, Happy Holidays to all and semper Fidelis!!!!

    Michael Jarolim

  • From Ed Caufield

    I received my new Shellback Certificate and Card from your company this week. I had no idea of the date or longitude of my ships crossing. Anne McCrae gave me the archives web site where they furnished me with all the info I needed. I have spoken to Anne, Amber and Angela from this company which I believe is 3/4’s of the entire staff. Each time, I found the employee’s to be very helpful and friendly. When I explained I was not very computer friendly, they were only too happy to help me by phone. My new certificate is beautiful and I will display it
    proudly. On this Veterans Day ljust want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being there and providing this service. lt means so much. I will be posting a similar letter on the Shellbacks Web page. Wishing you all the very best….ED
    Ed Caufield

  • From Charles Simpson

    I received my last order today… All three Certificate’s were Awesome… I am so pleased with the Certificates I’ve received from you. Your speed and workmanship is so fantastic… You guys are the best and we as sailors/veterans are so lucky to have a company like you that we can trust. The items you provide bring back so many wonderful memories… Thank you again for being there for us!

  • From GSMC Tim Sullivan

    I wanted to send a personal thank you to your company. Your entire team has helped us out with our transaction of Shellback Certificates. They have been very patient with us. Our internet and email connectivity is not the best out at sea. There have been lapses in time. Things have not always flowed smoothly on my end. Your team held fast to the transaction and was always following through to ensure that our needs were met. I can only hope that other businesses that I have to deal with can provide as good as customer service as you do.

    I would like to send a personal thanks to the following individuals who were instrumental in this purchase. Anne McRae and Cary petzinger. They have both caused your company to shine. Please congratulate them for me.

    Very Respectfully,
    GSMC Tim Sullivan
    ACU-5 LCAC Engineer

  • From Don Robertson

    Dear Anne,
    Please accept this note as a letter of high praise br Amber Thomas. Amber has been helpirg me with an order for a Shellback certificate. I couldn’t have asked for anyone to have been more helpful and friendly. She has made the changes I needed, and she’s been very patient. I talked to her on the phone one day, and she was very pleasant ard helpful. If all of youremployees are like Ambel you have a GREAT companyll I just wanted you to know what a good job Amber does of presenting your company to consumers. Thse days service of any kind is hard to find, and good service is even more rare. Amber has shown me that customer service is alive and well at Tiffany Publishing. She’s done a great job.
    Don Robertson

  • From David B. Adler

    I would like to send my gratitude to you and your staff for the printing services involving the Navy Air and Missile Defense Command’s “Plank Owner” certificates. Your service of providing these tokens of naval tradition is the key that helps our Navy family stay connected to the glorious lineage of patriots who created this great country.

    Thank you for your continued support of our Navy.

    Captain, U.S Nawy
    Chief of Staff, Navy Air and Missil-e Defense